Project Brief:

Developed from 1998 to 2006, TrueDesk (formerly VisualMail, VisualOffice and EdgeDesk) was a carrier-grade, high-function solution which allowed Telcos, Portals and Service Providers to deploy a robust, scalable, manageable web-based e-mail and collaboration services to consumers, enterprises, employees and virtual ISPs. The unique and fully distributed software architecture of TrueDesk enabled it to deliver the industry's best load balancing performance and availability for web-based e-mail and collaboration services. Its robust multi-tier architecture and scalability provided a strong foundation for optimizing critical business functions throughout any organization. With TrueDesk customers and employees could access their e-mails, calendar, files, photos and even chat via the web using a user-friendly and fully-customizable interface, all they needed is a web browser (such as IE or Netscape), a cellular phone, a PDA or any other device with internet connection.

TrueDesk broad range of features and functionality allowed Service Providers, Telcos and Portals to offer value-added messaging and collaboration services to consumers, businesses, employees, and virtual ISPs. Its native support for load balancing and fault tolerance assured availability, integrity and performance of mission-critical business transactions. Anyone interested in offering fifth generation, multi-access messaging and workgroup solutions could benefit from TrueDesk.

TrueDesk offers a completely integrated and comprehensive set of solutions including:

  • E-Mail: Fully-featured web-based e-mail client providing users with remote access to their mailboxes from anywhere in the world. Includes powerful security features such as mail encryption with S/MIME support, Antivirus scanning and Bayesian SPAM filtering.
  • Address Book: Advanced contact manager supporting personal, shared, group and global address books.
  • Calendar: Powerful web-based calendar application integrating collaboration functionalities for workgroups such as event scheduling, group calendar, free/busy, resource scheduling, meeting invitations, response tracking, calendar merging, combining and sharing.
  • Tasks: Complete task management component including task assignments, group tasks, response tracking and status reports.
  • Journal: Keeps track of a wide variety of information and events such as phone calls and meetings. A timer function is also included to track time spent for billing purposes.
  • Notes: Useful web-based notepad with multiple views and color codes.
  • Bookmarks: Stores users’ bookmarks on a centralized location which can be accessed by multiple browsers, anywhere in the world.
  • Discussions Forums: Includes group and global discussion forums with advanced message editing and searching features.
  • Project: Advanced project planning module with GANTT charts, multiple job folders, estimated and real task time planning, task assignment, document folders and project discussion forums.
  • File Storage: Allow users to store and share files securely, quickly and simultaneously via the web. Using this module, companies can provide secure, shared access to critical files and documents for their employees, customers and partners anytime, anywhere. The File Storage module enables affordable file and document management over the Internet, providing a platform-independent application that works with all commonly used Web servers and browsers.
  • Photo Album: Allows users to create and share online digital photo albums and thumbnail galleries quickly and easily. This module supports organizing all digital photos in different photo albums and share them online to other users. With the Photo Album module, users can easily create and maintain albums of photos via an intuitive interface. It includes automatic thumbnail creation, image resizing, ordering, captioning, searching and more.
  • Phone Messages: Component to take and receive phone messages from other users within the organization.
  • Announcements: Allows the system administrator to include company news and announcements on the portal page of each account. Each announcement can be linked to a unique discussion group.
  • Voting/Polling: The polling module allows user opinions to be collected at the same time it provides a preview of the results in real time. Users can see the voting tallies as well as past polls from the portal page.
  • Folder Manager: Web-based folder manager with usage summary and sharing features. Supports creating, copying, moving, deleting, renaming and sharing any type of folders.
  • Portal Page: Displays a summary of mail folders, events, tasks, projects and phone messages of users. Supports configuration of portal page contents both by the user and the administrator.
  • Synchronization: Powerful SyncML server compliant with the OMA 1.1 specification. Supports synchronizing with Pocket PC, Palm, Blackberry, Cellular phones, Outlook or any other SyncML-enabled device.
  • Administration Interface: Easy-to-use web-based administration interface providing all the required tools to manage users, change server settings and get usage statistics and reports. The admin interface is an intuitive graphic console that allows even inexperienced system administrators to perform complex management tasks.
  • Mail Server: High performance and secure Internet mail server supporting SMTP, IMAP4 and POP3 protocols. This mail server is a fast and powerful product completely integrated with TrueDesk providing SSL, content filtering, security features and web-based administration.

Ubiquitous E-Mail and Groupware

TrueDesk is a feature rich and user-friendly solution that provides all the tools you need to centralize the e-mail and workgroup operations of your users on the web. The product allows you to setup a turn-key web-office solution including Webmail, Address Book, Directory, Calendar, Tasks, Journal/Diary, Projects, Discussion Forums, Notes, Bookmarks, File Storage, Photo Album, Phone Messages, Voting/Polling, Announcements and much more.


One solution, Multiple devices

TrueDesk empowers users to easily access and interact with their e-mail, calendar information and files using any browser-based device such as a standard PC/Mac computers, cellular phones (WAP or iMode), PDA, WebTV or Internet Kiosks without having to configure anything. TrueDesk is a front-end application that runs entirely at your server and does not require any client side software or configurations.



You can easily customize TrueDesk to match your own look and feel. Simply by editing a template file it is possible to change images, logos, colors, fonts and even develop your own custom features. The template system of TrueDesk works with the Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) which provides a very powerful and flexible language to customize the product. Using XSL templates you can change the look and feel of your site, add or remove functionality, support multiple languages and devices, create additional views, integrate third-party applications or import news, traffic, weather and stock market information from external news feeds.


Easy Administration

TrueDesk was designed with the ease of use in mind. The product does not require extensive training or advanced knowledge to be used, installed or operated; all the product configuration and administration tasks can be done from the web using a standard browser.


Scalable and Robust

TrueDesk is a highly scalable and robust web-based e-mail and collaboration platform designed to support millions of users while delivering the industry's best performance and availability. The unique open architecture design of TrueDesk uses XML and Unicode technologies to provide internationalization, localization, extreme customization, greater flexibility and an unlimited number of integration options.


Stops Spam and Viruses

Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. TrueDesk provides all the tools necessary to stop unwanted spam, denial of service attacks and viruses. Security features included are content filtering, Tagged Message Delivery Agent (TMDA), SMTP authentication, automatic attacker blocking, outgoing mail filters and antivirus integration.



TrueDesk supports multiple languages to be installed under the same server. The product automatically detects the language and delivers web-based contents using the users' native language. Included languages are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese. You can also translate the product into other languages simply by editing a set of files.



Portability and exchangeability for users to import/export information with existing personal information management software, as well as synchronize from enterprise systems to PC and PDA. Includes a SyncML server which supports synchronizing with Outlook, Cellular phone, Blackberry, PDA or any other SyncML enabled device.



While businesses increasingly rely upon email to communicate, trust in email has eroded due to the growth of spam, email spoofing and phishing, as well as a continuing string of email-borne viruses and worms. TrueDesk restores that confidence and trust by providing a comprehensive collection of Internet security tools including SSL support, S/MIME e-mail encryption, Antivirus scanning, Per-item permissions, Bayesian SPAM filtering, Sender Policy Framework (SPF), SMTP authentication and Mail filter rules.



TrueDesk runs on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Digital Unix and Windows 2000/2003/XP servers. The web-based interface can be accessed using any computer browser, cellular phone or handheld device.