• Date : 2017
  • Languages : NodeJS,Python
  • Client : Vitis Spain

Project Brief:

We developed Vitis, a cloud-based smart viticulture plaform which leverages artificial intelligence to enhance grape quality and production.


Vineyard monitoring

Using a wireless network of precision sensors, Vitis monitors soil moisture and temperature, leaf wetness, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, wind speed, ambient temperature, humidity and rainfall to improve environmental management of the vineyards.


Disease prevention

Vitis correlates weather conditions to predict onset of disease in the vineyard. Analyze pathogen evolution as well as infection risk of your vineyard. Examine phytosanitary conditions to reduce chemical treatment practices. Receive accurate disease and weather forecasts.


Winery management

Vitis comes with a complete ERP solution to manage your winery that includes customer relationship management, accounting, sales, purchases, stocks, production management and traceability.