Project Brief:

When we designed SnapCRM, we figured helping you boost internal efficiencies, streamline sales and support operations, and skyrocket productivity was the least we could do. Then we went further. SnapCRM controls costs, but it also helps you work the other side of the profit equation: revenues. Revenues that are missing from existing sales orders. Revenues that are hiding in support cases. Revenues that are just waiting to be extracted from follow-up calls. Revenues that truly satisfied customers seem to generate all by themselves. SnapCRM gives you a real-time, 24/7, 360-degree view of each prospect, each customer, and each company representative. SnapCRM highlights every upsell and cross-sell possibility. SnapCRM ensures that every call and contact meets the highest standards of customer care. In short, SnapCRM makes every revenue opportunity that comes your way plainly visible and immediately actionable, turning every part of your business into a profit center.

The more automated your enterprise, the better. With SnapCRM as your enterprise foundation, leads progress logically – and profitably – through your sales cycle. Support cases escalate when they should and become solved support cases faster. And opportunities land on the right desk at the right time, instead of getting lost in the shuffle.


Sales Force Automation

On the road from lead to sale, there are more than a few detours, more than a few potholes, and many, many opportunities you’ll miss if you don’t drive with a navigator who knows the territory. SnapCRM knows your territory. Put SnapCRM in control of your sales process navigation and you’ll reach your destination without slowdown, without missed opportunities, and without fail. You’ll steer clear of the obstacles that slow your competition and you’ll get there in record time. From opportunity management to billing, SnapCRM navigates your business past the competition and puts you on the road to better, faster, maximized sales. Start using SnapCRM today and drive your business forward – without passing opportunities along the way.

  • Account Management: SnapCRM’s broad array of account management features allow sales reps to achieve a complete, 360 degree view of all customers, and to build stronger and more profitable relationships by staying in touch with their clients.
  • Contact Management: SnapCRM provides a comprehensive contact management system that consolidates and centralizes contact information, allowing reps to obtain a complete picture of all customers and prospects.
  • Competitor Management: SnapCRM helps boost competitive advantage and improve win rates with advanced competitor management capabilities
  • Opportunity Management: With SnapCRM’s optimized opportunity management tools, sales staff can track their deals from initiation through closure, and stay on top of each and every opportunity in progress.
  • Forecasting: SnapCRM provides sophisticated revenue forecasting features that deliver complete visibility into the viability of deals in progress. Sales managers can more effectively manage quotas and pipelines, financial analysts can better predict quarterly revenues and cash flows, and production teams have the insight they need to improve the accuracy of demand and capacity planning.
  • Sales Order Processing: The efficient handling of sales orders is crucial to maximizing sales efficiency, and optimizing customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time delivery of goods and services. SnapCRM simplifies the sales order process, helping sales reps to better manage orders generated by customers.
  • Quote Management: SnapCRM allows users to quickly generate quotes for potential customers, and closely manage them throughout the approval process. Sales rep efficiency will be dramatically increased, while the errors and inconsistencies caused by manual quote creation will completely eliminated.
  • Billing: Generating, distributing, and tracking invoices is fast and easy with SnapCRM. Bills can be created in just minutes, and tracked until payment is made.
  • Activity Management: SnapCRM’s comprehensive activity management gives users the ability to easily schedule and prioritize appointments, tasks, phone calls, in-person meetings, letters and faxes, and other activities.
  • Territory Management: Today’s sales organizations are multi-faceted, with activities aligned by business unit, by product, by geographic region, or other ways. SnapCRM can significantly enhance sales operations, regardless of the structure or model of the organization.
  • Product Catalog Management: With SnapCRM, reps can more efficiently manage the multiple products and services they sell.
  • Sales Literature Management: Product brochures, promotional pieces, and other collateral can be created, stored, and managed quickly and easily with SnapCRM.

Marketing Automation

Marketing is crucial to business success. So is innovation. And human resource management. And on and on. But there are only so many hours in a day. If you could spend fewer of them marketing, yet see better results from every campaign and every lead, you could devote more of your time to creating new products and services to market. And to getting the most out of each employee on your payroll. And on and on. SnapCRM maximizes your marketing ROI and minimizes the effort required to create, track, and recreate even the most complex multi-channel campaigns. With SnapCRM coordinating your marketing initiatives, your salespeople can spend more time cultivating leads – and you can spend more time cultivating your salespeople, your business operations, and your bottom line.

  • Campaign Management: With SnapCRM, marketing teams can more effectively plan, coordinate, execute, and track a wide variety of multi-channel campaigns, and assess the return on related marketing investments. Staff efficiency will be improved, and campaign response and conversion rates will increase, while cost per lead will be dramatically reduced.
  • Lead Management: Users can monitor lead activity from start to finish – ensuring effective nurturing and qualification from the time an opportunity is first identified, until a sale is closed. SnapCRM provides some of today’s most advanced lead management features to ensure that sales and marketing processes are tightly aligned, and that all opportunities are properly handled.

Service and Support Management

Giving your customers the kind of remarkable service and support that keeps them coming back – especially when you have to deal with issues like escalating call volumes and increasingly complex cases – has never been more difficult. But now SnapCRM is making customer service and support easier and more efficient for organizations of all types and sizes. SnapCRM gives you the instant-access tools you need to boost customer satisfaction, accelerate response times, and put cases behind you quicker than ever. With SnapCRM’s highly automated and streamlined service and support management on your side, your customer service team’s workload plummets, support calls become relationship-building and sales opportunities, and every call center agent turns into a great call center agent.

  • Case Management: SnapCRM helps service teams to more efficiently and effectively open, manage, and track support cases. Every customer interaction can be leveraged as a learning experience, with related data transformed into real-time intelligence that can help make every call center agent or service professional as successful as possible. As a result, customer communication becomes more cost-effective, the productivity and accuracy of phone-based service is increased, and response times to customer issues and problems are much faster.
  • Contract Management: SnapCRM streamlines and automates the creation and maintenance of service contracts. Users can dynamically generate new contracts, track contract status from drafting and review through approval and signing, and better manage renewals and amendments.
  • Defect Management: With SnapCRM, companies can improve product quality, and in turn, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Knowledge Base Management: With SnapCRM, companies can create a centralized knowledge management database that provides fast access to articles, product documentation, training manuals, and other materials that can help support teams and call center agents to more effectively address client issues.

Business Analytics

If business knowledge is business power, then the deeper your knowledge is, the more power you have to take your business where it needs to go. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. The problem lies in rooting out data from across your enterprise, relating that data in meaningful ways, and feeding the insights generated back into your marketing, sales, and service processes. To that we say, problem solved. SnapCRM’s comprehensive reports and data-focusing dashboard give you the kind of deep insight you want without the complexity you don’t. In many cases, just a few clicks get you reports filled with actionable facts, visual analysis, and trends you might have otherwise missed. And with SnapCRM, you can view those reports as hard copy, PDF, or right alongside other critical business data in any of multiple timesaving dashboards.

  • Reporting: Managers, sales and marketing professionals, service and support team members, and other employees in customer-facing roles can easily satisfy virtually any information need with SnapCRM’s powerful business analytics and sales reporting capabilities. Users can perform sophisticated data analysis to obtain a complete view of customer demographics and histories, uncover and react to vital patterns and trends in customer behaviors, identify new sales opportunities, improve forecasting accuracy, and much more.
  • Dashboards: SnapCRM enables the creation of fully-customizable dashboards with a robust and highly functional dashboard reporting solution. So, the information needed to ensure the success of sales and other custom-facing activities is readily accessible in a single, convenient location.


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. The shortest distance between two – or two hundred – salespeople, managers, engineers, and other employees is SnapCRM. Because SnapCRM provides your team with a 360-degree view of your customers and effortlessly knocks down barriers to communication, your organization stops being just a collection of talented individuals and becomes a collaborative force to be reckoned with. From email and calendaring time-savers to full-scale project and document management game-changers, SnapCRM minimizes communications distance, maximizes collaboration, and lets you finally work at the speed of business.

  • E-mail Client: SnapCRM includes a feature-rich Web-based email client that allows for fast and effective creation, distribution, and management of email communications between employees and customers.
  • Calendar: SnapCRM’s state-of-the-art calendar application enables more efficient management of appointments, tasks, and schedules. This intuitive solution significantly enhances organization and productivity, and includes fully-integrated collaboration functionality for workgroups, allowing individual calendars to be shared among teams, or multiple schedules to be merged together into a single calendar.
  • Project Management: SnapCRM offers fully-integrated Web-based project management within the CRM environment. This helps ensure that development projects are completed on time and within budget by providing unhindered visibility into development efforts, enabling real-time collaboration between project leaders and team members, and allowing for accurate and timely tracking of all related tasks, resources, and expenditures. As a result, internal initiatives or client projects are efficiently fulfilled, and the production and utilization of new technology solutions is dramatically accelerated.
  • Document Management: SnapCRM provides a user-friendly, secure online environment for storing, accessing, sharing, and managing business-related documents. This facilitates improved productivity by ensuring that sales reps always have access to the latest literature and sales presentation materials, and customer service staff can quickly refer to contracts, invoices, and other files whenever needed.
  • RSS/Atom Feed Reader: Customer-related processes can be further enhanced through timely and relevant intelligence and insight gathered from various third-party RSS/Atom sources.


A truly enterprise-grade CRM solution has to be solid, secure, and simple-to-manage – all the way down to the bare metal. And whether you install SnapCRM behind your own firewall or rely on our best-in-class server infrastructure, you get the kind of easy system administration, secure yet flexible access control, and superior architecture you need to build a truly first-class business on.

  • Rich AJAX Interface: SnapCRM boasts a rich and intuitive AJAX browser-based interface that provides each user with an engaging and interactive experience. At the same time, this modern, fast, and user-friendly interface is highly intuitive, allowing sales, marketing, and support staff to rapidly and easily navigate the system’s features and functions.
  • Business Units, Territories and Teams: All data contained in SnapCRM can be logically structured to support any sales model. SnapCRM dramatically improves sales management by providing support for multiple sales territories, teams, and lines of business.
  • Access Control: End-to-end access controls, including role-based security and user privileges, and granular data access levels, keep data fully protected by guaranteeing only authorized retrieval and viewing of customer information. Additionally, record assignment and sharing ensure full collaboration and coordination among customer-facing personnel.
  • System Administration: SnapCRM offers unparalleled ease of administration, providing full control over the way information is stored, accessed, and presented.
  • Architecture: The robust underlying SnapCRM architecture runs on all common platforms, including Linux, Solaris, Mac and Windows, and provides full support for mySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL and other popular databases.


One-size-fits-all CRM solutions usually turn out to be bloated, one-size-fits-none CRM solutions. Making your business truly agile and customer-centric isn’t about packing SnapCRM full of obscure features and functions that almost no one uses. It’s about giving you just what you need to reach your enterprise’s goals and then making it easy for you to go after even higher goals with unique features you can dream up and add to SnapCRM yourself. It’s about letting you customize layouts, menus, and just about any other aspect of SnapCRM so that it works the way you do. It’s about giving you the power to make SnapCRM into YourCRM. From drag-and-drop layout customization to code-free add-on module creation, SnapCRM gives even non-technical users the tools to tailor SnapCRM in any way they want and build any custom tool they need. And with the option to share SnapCRM data with other applications and devices using Web services, SnapCRM becomes YourCRM – the anytime, anywhere, custom-built CRM solution you’ve been looking for.

  • Module Builder: SnapCRM includes a fully-integrated Module Builder that gives organizations the ability to develop custom business software solutions, changing their CRM system to support virtually any business requirement. Users can quickly and easily alter existing modules by adding or modifying features, adjusting the user interface, and more. Or, they can create brand new modules from scratch. So any sales, marketing, or support process across the enterprise can be automated and enhanced, no matter how unique or complex.
  • Web Services: SOAP or RESTful Web services can be leveraged to access the information stored within the SnapCRM database, to create powerful composite applications to support specific needs.

Mobile CRM

Your customers and suppliers don’t spend all day hanging around your desk, so why should you? Your customers and suppliers don’t drop everything when you’re stuck at the airport waiting on a delayed flight, so why should you? Your customers and suppliers don’t have patience for enterprises that make a habit of saying “I’ll get back to you with an answer,” so why should you? Why not bring SnapCRM with you wherever you go?

  • Mobile Access: SnapCRM includes an online mobile access interface that is fully compatible with all Web-enabled handheld devices and smartphones including iPhone, Blackberry, and other popular appliances. This improves the efficiency of “on the go” workers such as sales reps and field service technicians by providing them with full remote access to the CRM system and all the mission-critical data within, at any time, from any location, using any mobile device.
  • Outlook Integration: SnapCRM increases convenience through seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. A powerful plug-in enables rapid synchronization of contacts, appointments, tasks, notes, and more.
  • Synchronization: Users can keep their customer and prospect data up-to-date at all times through “over the air” push synchronization with iPhones, smartphones, Blackberry devices, and other handheld systems.