Project Brief:

For Analytics Markets, LLC. we developed CrystalZoom, a fully automated ad management platform that leverages machine learning to optimise ad placements on Amazon, Mercado Libre and other marketplaces.

CrystalZoom is the first latin-american platform that fully automates advertising on Amazon, Mercado Libre, B2W and other marketplaces.


Automated Ad Management

Fully automated ad management for Amazon and Mercado Libre. Powerful machine learning algorithms help clients optimise their campaigns to increase revenue without increasing ad investment.

  • Daily ad campaign analysis to optimize investment budget.
  • Ad investment budget automatically adjusted by the platform.
  • Only the products with best chances to sell are promoted.
  • Also allows to manually turn on or off advertising.

Powered by A.I.

Leverages Machine Learning to automatically optimise advertising. Millions of product metrics are analysed daily to find advertising strategies that provide the highest returns on investment.


Market Analysis

Analyses market trends, designs a personalised strategy and proposes an ad investment budget personalised for each client that obtains the most sales.


Powerful Dashboards

Dynamic dashboards that provide a detailed overview of sales and advertising statistics on each marketplace in which the client has presence.

  • All details about the business available both on the web or through Google Data Studio.
  • Beautiful and easy to understand dashboards with the most important metrics from both Amazon and Mercado Livre.